Nutritional Training

Over the course of several weeks, nutritional training gradually helps participants to achieve a balanced diet that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a dancer’s active and busy lifestyle. The goal is to provide optimal, personalized nutritional support to professional dancers and students of dance, dance teachers, professionals and students of the performing arts, amateur dancers, and also to athletes and others interested in the subject.

Dancers‘ Nutrition Package

Five steps to a balanced diet! Participants receive answers to personal questions regarding nutrition in theory and practice as well as comprehensive information about the five most important topics in nutrition for dancers. This allows them to adapt and optimize their eating behaviour:

  • Nutritional requirements and dietary composition
  • What to eat?
  • When to eat?
  • How to eat?
  • Proper drinking

Duration: Three sessions of 75 minutes each
Costs: EUR 220

Individual Sessions

For specific questions regarding a particular topic, it is possible to book individual sessions.

Duration: Individual session of 75 minutes
Costs: EUR 75


Appointments can be made by telephone or e-mail. Nutritional training courses take place at RAUM für TANZ in Vienna.
If necessary, nutritional training courses can also be done by e-mail, telephone, or Skype.

Telephone: +43 650 43 43 773

The sole aim of nutritional training/coaching is the transfer of information about nutrition and the improvement/maintenance of a participant’s state of health. It does not in any way constitute a form of treatment, diagnosis, advice, or therapy.