Seminars, Courses, Lectures, and Interviews

Book a seminar, course, lecture, or interview with Eva-Maria Kraft! The main focus is on providing information about nutrition in an enthusiastic way, with a particular emphasis on the daily stresses and needs of dancers and performing artists. Participants receive many practical tips that allow them to integrate the knowledge they have gained into their daily life.

Seminar/Course on Nutrition for Dancers or Nutrition for Performing Artists

For the following target groups
  • Professional dancers and companies
  • Students of professional dance programmes
  • Professionals and students of the performing arts
  • Teachers and instructors of professional and amateur dancers
  • Parents of young dancers
  • Amateur dancers
  • Dieticians, therapists, and other practitioners who work with dancers
Six hours or longer, in multiple sessions or as agreed on an individual basis

Examples of past lectures


Lectures can be performed
  • At congresses, conferences, symposiums
  • For a specific target group
  • On individually requested topics
Examples of specific topics
  • Nutrition and its influence on injuries
  • Nutrition for dancers – from theory to practice
  • Diets and eating disorders
  • Proper nutrition for dancers – dos and don’ts for dance teachers
  • Active life – balanced nutrition
15 minutes or longer, as agreed on an individual basis

Examples of past lectures

Interviews and Articles

Interviews and articles on specific topics regarding nutrition for dancers can be provided on request for radio, television, the Internet, magazines, or newspapers.

Examples of interviews and articles


Contact Eva-Maria Kraft for a customized programme and estimate of costs.

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